CAIRO BUSINESS PARK is located in New Cairo, the destination of the future and business magnet.

The project is easily accessible through several main roads.

Tenants and visitors are 5 minutes away from both Cairo

Suez Road, and the New Cairo Ring

Road, or in 5 minutes from 90 Avenue, and only 15 minutes from Cairo International Airport for the convenience of business travelers.

CAIRO BUSINESS PARK’S unique location helps you keep in touch with your customers andsuppliers wherever they might be.

Floor Plans

Internal Finishing:

  • Lobby main entrance: Not finished
  • Elevators: Elevator to be installed by the client
  • Staircases: Not finished
  • Lower Floors: Not finished
  • HVAC system: to be installed by the client
  • Firefighting: to be installed by the client

Exterior Finishing:

  • Outdoor Main Entrance: High Quality Local Marble or High Quality Porcelain & Handrails.
  • Tempered Hinged Glass doors
  • Façade: Double Glass Curtain Wall to avoid heat and provide sound proofing
  • Aluminum Sheds/Louvers.
  • High Quality Local Marble Cladding.
  • Outdoor Terrace: High Quality Local Marble or High Quality Porcelain & Handrails

Communication & Technology systems:

  • High speed fiber optics backbone network for existing and future use.

* All communication & technology systems inside the building shall be provided for the client at an extra fee